Remember the name Donte Maurice...

Donte Maurice is a 21 year old portrait photographer living in Atlanta & currently attends Georgia State University.

“The simple things in life inspire me.”

1. How'd you get started with photography?

Well I started on June 30th 2013, it's like an anniversary day for me! But I honestly started out by photographing my friends back when I lived in Conyers, and I realized that I really had a talent for it. I loved looking at magazines and the editorials were always fascinating to me and I wanted to try it. Soon it became an outlet, then my passion!

2. Would you say you've developed your own personal style of work?

I would say I'm still developing it. As I kind of find myself, my work begins to do the same.

3. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date?

My biggest accomplishment so far has to most definitely be getting one of my photos picked up by Moschino. It was so random and awesome. To be able to do that from Atlanta, is pretty epic as well.

4. Do you have a favorite photo-series that you've done?

Hmm... My favorite photo series so has to be my Urban Outfitters Atlanta shoot with my good friend Olivia Nguyen. 

5. What or who do you look to for inspiration?

Everything!! The simple things in life inspire me. It may sound funny, but a white wall can inspire me all the way to a giraffe standing in the middle of the zoo alone.

6. Name your top 3 favorite publications, photographers & muses.

My top 3 favorite photographers are Alasdair Mclellan, Hadar Pitchon, and Billy Kidd

My top 3 favorite muses has to be Olivia Nguyen, Donald Heilig, and Michael Hood

My top 3 publications are Arena Homme+, V Man, and D Scene

7. What can we expect from Donte Maurice in 2016?

I can't even tell you. I don't know myself., BUT I will say expect some great things. That's what I'm expecting!

8. Do you have a personal mission statement or life motto?

Rome wasn't built in a day, so do your absolute best daily and you'll see the fruits of your labor.

Donte's work has been featured on various media platforms from USA Today to Vogue IT. We can't wait to see what Donte does next. You are truly #ComMENdable Donte.

For business inquiries, you can contact him at any of the following:

IG: @DonteMaurice